Macey Abbott

These are some of my friends from North East. We do everything together.

This is me with my friends back at North East.  I went to North East all my life up until this year.  This summer I moved to Girard, i went to a Katy Perry concert and I also did a color run.  Pretty much the best summer so far, hope the next one is just as fun.

Three things about me

I love Netflix.  If I'm not hanging out with friends or doing something with my family then I am in my room watching Netflix.  My favorite show that I watch on Netflix would have to be Gossip Girl.


I have liked taking photos pretty much my whole life.  I even took a photography class this summer to help me with understanding how to take great pictures.  I have been taking a lot of pictures so far and the Erie art museum already emailed me asking for my photographs to look at.


I love traveling.  Even though I have only been to New York and Florida I would love to travel the world, see new things and meet new people.  If you asked me to travel anywhere I wouldn't care where as long as we would be going somewhere new, I'm down for anything.

My goals

My first goal would be to make a lot of new friends this year, since I am new.  I plan on accomplishing this goal by getting involved and putting myself out there.  For example Joining a club or even sitting in different places for lunch.  My second goal would be to survive high school, so far high school has been pretty easy.  I know it will get harder soon.  I plan on accomplishing this goal by staying focused in class, being myself, and trying my hardest in and out of the classroom.  My third would have to be going to college and getting my dream job.  I will accomplish this goal by accomplishing my first two goals.  

I would love to...

Travel to London.  I have always wanted to go to London to see the different cultures and how people do different things there then in America.  Like how they talk, and what they eat.  I would love to visit the cool museums that they have there and the amazing restaurants all around London.  

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