Apps for K-12 on the Apple iPad

Socrative, Mindmeister, CroakIt, iBooks, and Paperport Notes


Description: Socrative is a student response system app that allows educators to assess student understanding through the use of quizzes, polls, and group activities.

How can it be used? This app can be used for students to check their understanding of certain content area as well as for teachers to see their students understanding of the subject. It could also be used as review practice for students before a test or exam.


Description: Mindmeister is an app that allows you to create mind maps and share them with classmates, teachers or peers online. You can create, manage and share then anyplace and anytime.

How can it be used? This app can be used for students working together on a group project to collaborate and brainstorm their ideas all in real time and keep their thoughts and ideas organized.


Description: CroakIt allows you to record quick 30 second audio clips, and then share it easily online with an automated url for your audio clip.

How can it be used? CroakIt can be used for students to record themselves reading out loud at the beginning of the year and then hear their progress as they get to the end of the year or you could even have students explain a concept or how to solve a particular problem out loud if they have trouble writing.


Description: Allows you to download and read books. You can flip through pages, add bookmarks and add notes on your favourite or memorable passages.

How can it be used? iBooks can be used for reading in a english class and to take notes, highlight sentences and save quotes from important passages. This app has good accessibility as you can choose the size of text, the font it is in, the colours, as well as text-to-speech features like speaking the words on a particular page.

PaperPort Notes

Description: PaperPort Notes is a digital note taking app that allows you to combine documents, web content, audio, typed text and hand written notes into one single document to easily organize all your content.

How can it be used? This app can be used in any school subject to take notes and to keep student's homework organized and easy to find, read and follow. It allows students to incorporate information in any way they wish, whether it be written by hand, typed, or recorded. It also allows students to organize their work with bookmarking tools to quickly navigate through their notes and homework and find the information they need.

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