Poultry Scientist

Average Salary


Job Description

By being a poultry scientist you will research in breeding, feeding,management, & marketing of poultry. Also you examine selection & breeding practices to increase efficiency of production & improvement of poultry products. (Can specialize in artificial insemination)


36 hours of course work, a professional paper, & a final or an oral exam. Course work includes: live production (nutrition, physiology, diseases, waste management), Nutrition (feed formulation, vitamins, & minerals), Processing & Saftey (poultry meat processing & micro biology)

-easy to get scholarships

-a lot of poultry scientist majors are prepared to pursue a veterinarian degree

Special Skills

To be a poultry scientist you should have interest in depth studies of production, processing, & marketing of poultry & poultry products. You are expected to have creative thinking skills that help find solutions to complex real world problems.


There are locations all around the world for poultry scientist. It's one of the fastest growing agriculture job.

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