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StateTrust Life and Annuities is a recognized global company and brand in the international life insurance industry. It focuses on life insurance, retirement plans and education funds for individuals, families and companies around the world.

Miami, Florida – April 8, 2014 – The purpose of life insurance is to guarantee, at the time of the insured’s death, the specific amount of funds to be paid to each beneficiary. A StateTrust Life Insurance Plan protects a family’s wealth, while serving as income substitute to offset financial losses due to the death of the insured party.

It is an effective tool for people that need to provide protection to minors and elders, for estate transfers and succession planning, cash accrual and cash availability to pay state and succession taxes.

Some of the benefits that owning life insurance provides, include, family protection, guaranteed fixed amount, generation of savings and diversified investments in the world’s top markets.

Who can be a life insurance policy owner?

  • The insured party usually owns the life insurance policy.
  • Ownership may be in the hands of a third party, if the insured does not wish to include a policy in the total value of their estate.
  • Beneficiaries or a Trust may also be policy owners.

StateTrust Life provides two types of life Insurance policies, Universal Life which is Life insurance with a savings plan that allows you to enjoy partial amounts of the surrender value during the life of the policy; and Temporary Life, which provides Lifelong protection, as long as the policy’s established premiums are paid.

Comparison of Life Insurance Policies


StateTrust Life and Annuities is a global company specializing in life insurance, retirement plans and education funds. It has a global network of financial consultants operating in four continents and is highly experienced in underwriting risks in dozens of countries and working with recognized reinsurers of the highest ratings. Its products are designed to provide protection and coverage in multiple currencies, while offering financial planning solutions to meet individual and family life insurance, retirement, and education needs.

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