Cosplay is an ART

Hi everyone / ( * w* ) / soooo….. I’m here today to explain why COSPLAY is an ART *confetti*

First, What is cosplay?
Based on Wikipedia, Cosplay is a performance art in which participants, called cosplayers , wear costumes and fashion accessories(?) to represent a specific character from different manga, anime, or a show.
But for me, Cosplay is the way to express how much you like that certain character from anime/manga/show.
For clearer understanding I post some of cosplay pictures of my facebook friends

(Credits to Ate Korina Peña (cosplaying as Yoshino Fr: Date a Live) and Ate Ryoko Rei (cosplaying as Ryuko Matoi Fr: Kill la Kill) , Thank you for allowing me tuse your pictures ( o w 0 ) )

As you can see those lovely ladies (In the photo collage) is Cosplaying their Favorite anime from.

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