Ellie's Eggs

About us

Ellie's Eggs is a company devoted to selling great tasting eggs from happy chickens! CEO and founder Ellie Griffith makes sure that every chicken gets the attention and love it needs to stay happy and healthy. Chickens have the option of going outside everyday and mostly choose to. These 35 chickens enjoy a huge yard filled with bugs, grass, and some treats from indoors. Chickens can jump the fence if they choose. Inside the coop is a spacious living area along with 4 large nesting boxes and 5 roosts. A guard dog is on duty to protect the chickens but loves to be with them. Chickens and humans alike love being a part of Ellie's Eggs!

Gary Buseey

Gary Buseey is the only rooster here at Ellie's eggs and he is very popular. He is a one year old Easter Egger that was bought at a local feed store. Only days after he was brought back to Ellie's Eggs did we realize that he was different. Gary has a genetic defect called Cross beak, or the top and bottom of his beak don't line up, making it hard for him to eat or preen. Gary fortunately only has a mild case and can still eat drink and preen on his own, but it is difficult for him. I would be lying if I said he didn't get special treatment, he gets feed extra treats by himself and even came inside for a Christmas surprise! However we still have to clip his beak and monitor his eating. He also has no depth perception. Overall Gary is a celebrity here at Ellie's eggs. He just had a painting done of him (In slide show) and  not only does he have his own Facebook page but also is the face of our company!

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