What they do:
Floral designers work with flowers and plants to make bouquets and floral displays. They're able to create a large variety of displays that might be used for occasions such as weddings, baby showers, funerals, anniversaries, and etc.

How much they make:
the median annual wage for floral designers was $23,810 in May 2012.

Education Needed:
Florists can get started with a high school diploma or GED. Most skills are learned on the job from a mentor.

Skills Needed:

Artistic Ability: need to be able to understand art, style, and uses of colors and materials.
Creativity: Must be able to create pieces within a budget or with limited resources.
Customer Service: Have to get their customer's order correct, working with what they want, and speaking with vendors to get good deals.
Organization: Must be organized to keep multiple orders going at once.

Work Hours:
They work regular, full-time retail hours that can vary. They work days like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, & Mother’s Day, as these are the busiest days for a florist. They work evenings & weekends to make arrangements for funerals, weddings, parties and other events.

Tools needed:

scissors- to cut what you need
wire cutters- to cut wire
floral knife- to cut flower stem
floral tape- to use easily with stems
floral clay- to cover up leaks
floral foam- used to hold flowers
pliers- to cut or bend wire
floral wires- to lengthen & support stems
glue gun- to glue materials like ribbon
rubber band- to hold flowers in place


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