Perigrine Falcon

The Perigrine is the fastest in the Animal Kingdom. It reaches speeds up to three hundred and twenty kilometres per hour.

Beat that Cheetah!


The Perigrine Falcon is a bird of prey in the family of Falcondae. It breeds in the Arctic Tundra. The Perigrine can be found nearly all over Earth.


The Peregrine Falcon's habitat is coastal areas, tops of cathedrals, skyscrapers, window ledges, forests and towers. It lives in Southern America, Eurasia, Africa, Australia and North America.


The Perigrine Falcon's shelter is up in trees, nests and mountainous areas. The Perigrine Falcon is a predator.

Biological Relationships

The Perigrine eats birds and snakes. If you take out all the birds and snakes, the Perigrine Falcon would have nothing to eat. It would die out and there would be no more Perigrine's left.

Food Chain

The food chain starts with grass which gets eaten by a grasshopper. The grasshopper  gets eaten by a snake. Then the snake gets eaten by the Perigrine Falcon. Fifty-two per cent of the Perigrine's meal is the pigeon. The Perigrine is a Tertiary Consumer.

The male puts on a display to attract the female to a nesting site. The female usually lays up to four eggs. It takes about thirty-five to forty-five days for the eggs to hatch.

Life cycle


Its biome is Tundra, Subtropical Desert and Temperate grassland.

Interesting facts

Perigrines hunt at dawn and dusk. While the Perigrine is diving it passes its prey to the female in mid air!


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