Hiroshima Japanese Sorrow

The survivors in these photo share a sorrow that crosses generations. Not only do they share sorrow for their lost loved ones and city, but they also share the  sorrow

If I had the capability to help the survivors I would provide medical assistance in any way possible. This would include providing food and water for the injured and helping those who were to injured to escape from the fires.  I would try to help those with debilitating but not deadly wounds because of my minimal knowledge in the medical field.     

The days before the bomb the tension grows

What will fall no one knows

They went about their normal lives or so it was said

Little did they know they know many would soon be dead

The bomb hit the ground with a wave of light

Leaving many in a mysterious plight

Those whom survived were stricken with grief

Even America was shocked beyond belief

No one knew what happened to Japan

They were forced to surrender their cherished homeland

The worst of the attack is now in the past

But radiation sickness is following fast

The survivors affected can be sick for life

There symptoms extended long after the strife

With no methods of treatment symptoms will last

They now have become a constant reminder of the terrible blast

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2 years ago

I really like the music you have and how it really brings out the theme of sorrow. The video is also a very good choice too. Your poem brings out the sadness in Hiroshima too. GOOD JOB!

2 years ago

good Job Thomas, this presentation really stood out

2 years ago

Great job, I agree with Jason. I liked the bomb detonation video. Great job!

2 years ago

Good job thomas. I like your title, and your poem, especially the first verse.

2 years ago

This Tackk is very well done