Monday Message
Week of January 5, 2015

Welcome Back! I hope everyone enjoyed a restful and relaxing 2 week break. I know it was just what I needed to recharge and prepare for the second half, and not to mention the busiest, part of our year. Here is a quick look at our first week back:

Wednesday, Jan. 7th

8:00    Flower Mound Feeder Spelling Bee - Liberty Elementary: I will be attending to support our representatives, Kirby Koppel and Eesha Suri, as well as serving as a judge.  Traci will be available if needed.

Thursday, Jan. 8th

7:00    Donuts for Dad - OSE Cafeteria: Please stop by and mingle with the dads if you do not have duty. Second and third grade will report to the gym before school on this day.

9:00    PTA Board Meeting - Room 302

3:15    Faculty Meeting - Library : Everyone needs to be in attendance. Just a reminder that Thursdays are designated as our meeting ( faculty, PLC, GLL) days - these afternoons should be kept free from tutoring, doctor's appointments, conferences, etc. so that you are able to attend whichever meeting happens to be scheduled.

All Week

There are multiple ARD's scheduled throughout the week so Traci and I will be in and out of our offices during the day; however, you should be able to catch one of us if you need assistance with something.


Jackie Jones  - January 4th

That's all I've got - If I have forgotten something please let me know or just feel free to send it via email to OSE All. Thank you for all you do - It's going to be a great 2015 at OSE!

Have a fabulous week!