"Explain the problem of drugs"

John F. & Jeremiah P. & Jacob T. & Thomas M.  

1. "Summary of the problem"

Drugs is a problem for

2. "Define the community that your problem affects"


3. "How serious is the problem in your community?

4. How widespread is the problem in your state of the nation?"

5. "Why is this a problem that should be handled by the government? Should anyone else also take responsibility for solving the problem? why?"

6. "The law for dealing with the problem is adequate, but is not being well enforced"

7. "What disagreements, if any, exist in your community about this problem?"

8. "Who are the major individuals group, or organizations, taking sides on the problem?"

       a.) Why are they interested?

      b.) What positions are they taking?

      c.) What are the advantages and disadvantages of their positions?

      d.) How are they trying to influence government to adopt their views?

9. "What levels of the government or government agencies, if any, are responsible for dealing with the problem? What are they doing about the problem?"

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