Five Important Questions to Ask Before Getting a Funeral Service

Interested in hiring a funeral service? Remember to ask these five important questions before you set out looking for Singapore funeral services.

What do you need?

In Singapore, funeral services can include basic services or add-ons such as bereavement travel services along with aftercare support services. While the basic package works, you must also consider the benefits of adding on those extra features. When the time comes, you might not have the time nor the inclination to think about every little detail of the funeral. In that case, getting those additional services will be ideal for you. You won’t have to lose sleep thinking about this or that or how to make the funeral happen. With the arrangements taken care of by professionals, you and your loved ones could concentrate on grieving and moving on.

Is this a family-decision?

If you’re getting a funeral service for yourself, before you sign up for one, make sure your family knows about it. Don’t hide it from them. Talk to them. Death, no matter how unpleasant, is an unavoidable subject. You should decide on the matter as a family. After all, when the time comes, it’ll fall on your next of kin, on your family, to take care of the arrangements for you. Make sure they’re aware of the steps or plans you took. This way, there’s less confusion and worry when the time comes.

Does your family know what you want?

Talking to your family also means telling them exactly what you want. From the type of funeral service—whether it’s Buddhist or not—down to the casket and other necessary little details, make sure you’re on the same page. So if you want a green funeral and to have yourself cremated, you and your family must talk that out and reach an understanding. Some families might find cremation an disagreeable subject. By talking to them about the process, you can help ease some of their fears.

Do you really need to shop for funeral services?

As our society grows more consumer oriented, more and more people want value for their money. That applies to funeral services too. By getting the funeral service way in advance, you can make solid and objective decisions. You can take your time, picking out the right plan for your and making sure everything is paid well in advanced. When the time comes, your family won’t have to feel rushed, harried and stressed about the arrangements, on top of everything else, on top of grieving over the loss of a loved one.

How do you find the right one?

Do your research. Go online and look for sites. Ask your friends for handy recommendations and suggestions. Compare everything: prices, contracts, add-ons. Do they offer policies with a lock-in on the price of the services and products? That way, the coverage will stay the same, regardless of the inflation. Make sure you know about these things before settling on a final choice for that funeral service company.