David Thigpen 3/5/15 Core-III
    Fishes and the Tongue-Eating Isopod

Tongue-Eating Isopod inside Fishes Mouths.  The Isopod (Tongue-Eating Isopod) gets inside the fish's mouth and eats the fish's tongue. They both live in water. (lakes, ponds, the ocean, etc.)  The Tongue-Eating Isopods real name is Cymothoa exigua and I'm not sure what types of fish these are. The Tongue-Eating Isopod (Parasite) harms the fish (host) by eating its tongue and the fish doesn't do anything but get harmed.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Other Facts-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

  • The Tongue-Eating Isopod only eats the tongue of the fish.
  • After the fish's tongue is eaten then Isopod may refurbish the fish's tongue.
  • The fish doesn't die from the parasite.


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