Principles of the Declaration
Madison Fritz

What are Unalienable Rights?

The day of the Declaration of Independence

Unalienable rights, is the right that declares that all men are equal in some circumstances. An example of this is...

In the Declaration of Independence it states that among these are life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This is what is stated in the Declaration of Independence.

Government by consent

This is allowing the people to make their own rules and having it be secure so nobody can take over it. It is also allowing them to have there own establishment of the government.

An example of government of consent is the Magna Carta.

Why does a just government need consent of the governed?

The people need the consent of the government to be able to have there own rights and for one another to be equal. The people want to have reasonable rights and live among each other equally.

The protection of the our Unalienable rights

The government has the responsibility to protect our unalienable rights. After all they are the ones that designed the Declaration of the Independence and made it as the way it is now.

Why does a just government need consent of the governed?

It is still used today... We do have laws that will bring others happy, but it is only good for others that are not served with any crime or bad justice. We do have more freedom then we used to by letting women actually get to have a say in voting and same for blacks.

Do these principals matter to me?

These do matter to me because without, our government could be very effected in not many, but very big ways. Such as, this could affect us without by the people getting treated differently, We also could have a completely different life with the government and no freedom at all.