Holistic marketing

Traditional advertising was relatively straight-forward. If you had a small budget you went with print, a larger budget with radio, and a huge budget with TV and/or a combination of all three.

With modern online marketing, there’s no clear hierarchy, and options like social media marketing, SEO, and pay per click (PPC) strategies don’t work independently of each other.

It’s not about picking the best

We frequently have clients approach us because they’re looking for a specific strategy.

For example:

“Our site isn’t ranking high enough in generic search results – we need an SEO campaign to boost our Google ranking”


“We’re getting a lot of search traffic, but no one’s buying. We think we’re attracting the wrong crowd, and want a PPC campaign to target visitors who are ready to buy”

The truth is it’s rarely the case that a single marketing strategy is the answer, so it’s always important to take a step back and understand your brand and your message as a whole.

Holistic Marketing

The idea behind Holistic Marketing is that each of your marketing initiatives should work together with the others to create a unified whole. Your social media strategy will be different from your PPC and SEO strategies, but putting them together will give you the proper data you need on your industry, clients, and effectiveness to grow your sales.

What should I expect from Social Media?

The IDEA of social media is very attractive. Have fans do your marketing for you – it’s free advertising!

But not quite. It’s easy to look at success stories and assume that’s how it works, but in reality managing a social media campaign has a different focus.

By starting a conversation with individuals, you’ll be able to:

  • Discover and reach out to influencers
  • Shape your brand voice by speaking directly with customers
  • Perform effective market research
  • Maintain control of your online profile and address negative issues immediately

This is quite a step back from free advertising, but the community you build and the data you collect will be essential to your other marketing efforts.

How will my SEO strategy help me?

SEO gives you an insight into the more technical side of your industry and competition. With the proper research done, you’ll identify:

  • What keywords your buyers are using
  • How your prospects are looking for you
  • What message prospects are looking for to encourage them to buy
  • How to optimize your site to address important points first and use the right keywords to build trust and confidence
  • A network of sites to use for back-linking that validate your site and give it the authority it needs to rank higher in search results

Where social media lets you reach out to your customers and prospects directly, SEO takes a more analytical stance. Using data from social media and other tools, you’ll shape your message to speak more effectively to your customer base.

What about PPC?

The analytical tools provided by PPC gives you data previous generations of marketers could only dream of. By tracking PPC and resulting actions by visitors, you’ll be able to:

  • Test every part of your site, including copy, layout, design, and more by using A/B split-testing
  • Continuously modify your site based on split-testing results, meaning every month your site will become a better tool
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your ads, continuously refining to increase click-through rates and lower advertising spend
  • Create detailed reports of your ad-spending, so you’ll always know what’s working and what needs to be changed or cancelled.

The Holistic Marketing Solution

Now you see why asking for a single strategy is ineffective. The marketing options available to you work together to give you the best data, and that data means the most cost-effective marketing solution.

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