The Muslims perspective in the crusades

by:aracely ayon

1.The significance of the city Jerusalem to the Muslims during the crusades was very strong because of religios purpeses. It was important to them because Jerusalem has generally been the site for Muslim pilĀ¬grimage, prayer, study or residence. The reason it was so important to muslims to have control of the city was because it was theres from a very long time so they believed that they should keep control Jerusalem.

2.From the muslims point of view the crusade was started because of the european (christians) they believed they should have the city becuse jesus was born there the muslims thought it was wrong they saw it as an invasion not an act of religion do they fought back.

3.the effect on this group because of the crusades was they lost their city. also a lot of people died but the christians saw it as a very good thing because they got there holy ground back witch was never theres to start with.  

4.from the muslims preceptive they felt that the other groups where superior to them because they were trained. Better armed and the muslims were not expecting such a harsh attack.

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