Cargo UGV

By: John David Gardner and JP Downard

The Cargo UGV's goal is to evaluate the benefits of putting together manned and unmanned logistics in supply convoys. This will allow soldiers to be better protected from danger and will free them to perform other duties.

Cargo UGV's are used in the Marines so that they can pay attention to what is going on around them and not have to worry about focusing on the road. There would be one vehicle manned and one unmanned and the manned one would be following the unmanned one to monitor.

The cargo UGV is taught to perform its task by motion planning. Cargo UGV's have four operating modes; full autonomy, shadow autonomy, teleoperation, and manual. The Cargo UGV uses sensors to move. The perception system uses radar and ladar to perceive the vehicles surroundings. Each sensor provides 3-D information about the vehicles surroundings and its environment.

Advantages of a Cargo UGV would be that soldiers can perform other duties and not have to worry about driving. Also they would be more protected. Disadvantages of a Cargo UGV would be that for every one or two unmanned vehicles there has to be one manned vehicle to monitor the unmanned vehicles.

This robot could have a huge impact in the future because in the future people defending our country could use these. That way they wouldn't have to worry about driving and they could focus more on the task at hand. It would also allow them to be able to do more things such as look out for other enemy vehicles which they cannot do if they are focused on driving.

This robot could open up a variety of job types but for example one would be programming the robot and making sure it functions properly. This would be a very important job to perform because you have to make sure everything is in place and everything works the way it should and nothing is wrong with it.

They could be further altered in the future to perform more than one task or have more than one function. For instance you could make them so they can float or drive like a boat and upgrade them and put weapons on them so the soldiers "driving" them don'rt have to worry about carrying weapons or just have more advanced weapons.


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