FIFA 15 Top League Players

Since FIFA 15 release date is FIFA 15 Coins IOS , a mass of FIFA 15 news come. FIFA 15 demo is out and many players have ordered it, experiencing the new gameplay. However, the most focused thing is still the player rating though the top 50 rated player has released. So we will be revealing a number of lists pertaining to the best players in the game. Every FIFA fan will want to know.

Here are the top 20 players from each of the major European leagues in FIFA 15. These are the players to look out for when playing with or against clubs from England.

England-Barclays Premier League

20. Santi Cazorla-Arsenal-84

19. Alexis Sanchez-Arsenal-84

18. Samir Nasri-Manchester City-84

17. Oscar-Chelsea-84

16. Cesc Fabregas-Chelsea FC-84

15. Hugo Lloris-Tottenham Hotspur-85

14. Juan Mata-Manchester United-85

13. Diego Costa-Chelsea FC-85

12. Petr Cech-Chelsea FC-85

11. Thibaut Courtois-Chelsea FC-86

10. Mesut Ozil-Arsenal-86

9. Angel Di Maria-Manchester United-86

7. Wayne Rooney-Manchester United-86

6. Toure-Manchester City-86

5. Vincent Kompany-Manchester City-86

4. David Silva-Manchester City-87

3. Radamel Falcao-Manchester United-88

2. Robin van Persie-Manchester United-88

1. Eden Hazard-Chelsea FC-88

There are also top FIFA 14 Coins IOS players from France, Germany, Italy and Spain we don’t list here. You can head to the FIFA official website and look out for them for when playing with or against clubs.

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