Argumentative Essay

When a student is asked to write an argumentative essay, he can confuse as he doesn't know the main points of it. So here you are some key points of writing an argumentative essay.

What is an argumentative essay?

An argumentative essay is a kind of essay which aims to persuade readers to change their minds about an issue. The writer should convince the readers.

While writing an argumentative essay;

  • - First, the students should discover all different sides of “the issue” and which viewpoints they agree with.
  • - Second, the students should understand what the opposing viewpoint is.


  • “Early childhood education programs prevent on later criminal activity.”

(This is the argumentative issue/ viewpoint.)

  • “Early childhood education programs have no impact on later criminal activity. ”
  • (This is the opposing viewpoint.)
  • - In the introduction part, there should be a hook, thesis statement and three reasons which will be expanded in body paragraphs.
  • Hook → the first sentence of the introduction
  • Connecting Information
  • Thesis Statement = Writer’s opinion + Three reasons →The last sentence of the introduction
  • - In the body part, there should be 4 paragraphs. In the first 3 paragraphs, the reasons that are mentioned in the introduction part should be given in detail and in the last paragraph of the body part; there should be a refutation paragraph in which one counter argument is refuted.
  • In each paragraph, there should be a topic sentence and supporting ideas (evidence) in order to booster your essay.
  • - In the conclusion part, the points that are emphasized during the essay are mentioned briefly, which is the restatement of the thesis statement. A very short summary of the points and the concluding sentence close the essay
  • Reminders:
  • ● Try to use the language for argumentative essay such as although, despite, while etc. to create coherence and transition expressions to have unity.
    ● Do not use expressions like:
    - “I’d like to start with an argument…”
    - “I want to talk about…”
    - “I am against/ for …….”
  • ● While writing, it is important to argue for only one viewpoint in the essay in order not to lack unity.
    • Ex:
    • “Television adversely affects children.” (VIEWPOINT)
    • “Children who watch long hours of TV do not read often enough.” (SUPPORTS THE VIEWPOINT)
    • “School performance goes down when children spend many hours watching TV.” (SUPPORTS THE VIEWPOINT)
    • “Some educational TV programs help children who are visually oriented learn better.” (DOES NOT SUPPORT THE VIEWPOINT)
    ● Support their points by reliable sources. (at least 2 sources)
    ● Show your sources by in-text citation and referencing in APA format.