Helping Educate Girls in Afghanistan

This is an important issue because educating girls could help bring the country to a more stable level. Afghanistan would have more able workers than before. It is important to fight and stand up women's and girls' rights. It's not right for girls to get a lesser education because of their gender.

The Proposed Solution

I think developed countries should set up free schools for girls with qualified teachers and the necessary supplies ready.

Step 1: Find a safe place to set up the schools.

You need to have a safe place for the school so the students and teachers will feel comfortable and protected while at school.

Step 2: Seek out people willing to teach at the schools.

It there are no teachers, the schools are practically useless. Also, the teachers must be qualified to teach.

Step 3: Put the schools into action - teach the girls!

This is the most important step - teaching the girls. This step is the focus of the project, the point of the mission.

Risk Anakysis

The students, teachers, or school could be shot, bombed, destroyed/injured, etc.

If the risk doesn't occur, the students could go on to have successful jobs, provide for their families, or make a change in the world.


My mission is to educate more girls in Afghanistan. With this education, the girls may end up changing the world!

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