Nate Meshau, Hour 5

Empty land being changed into a place for people to live and work.

The industrial revolution was a time period when many things were invented, discovered, and used. Many new techniques and ideas were introduced into the world. The industrial revolution was a big time period of change. The way people farmed, the way they got energy, and even the way they lived changed. There were many changes during the industrial revolution, some good and some bad. the world’s GNP more than doubled, the number of highschool graduates went from 2% to 9% ( These are some positive changes that went on during the industrial revolution. The child labor rate went from 0.7 million to 1.63 million, and more people were forced to work in harsh conditions with little pay ( Many ways of doing things also changed. Many machines were created to make everyday tasks, such as farming, easier. The industrial revolution was a time when new dangers and ways of income were introduced. It was a time of new things and inventions. But most of all, it was a time of change.

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