Epic Poem

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Can't be re-written by the Gods The land and sands of time Destroyed by the fire of Poseidon's curse Atlantis swallowed by: Earth

In one day and one night Peaceful existence met its end Built on a volcano, now surrounded by ancient rippled tears Lava stripped apart the rich and glorious empire Enriched by engineers and architects whom loved power more than the Gods Forgotten souls, sheltered by a watery grave History withheld from shallow sunken memories Western sky's hide the truth, a vision from the Pillars of Hercules "An island situated in front of the Strait of Gibraltar" Ghostly ruins wait to rise above the Mediterranean and Atlantic waves A magical land held down by the hands of death,

Atlantis lost city walls...a secret hidden by mermaids Partially buried, beneath the ocean floor it lies The largest sunken treasure never to be found Magnificent pillars of an imperial palace still stand Somewhere hidden under ancient sand Some are leaning against turrets, that toppled after the impact Nothing human will ever inhabit these walls No feet will ever touch these staircases, again Only an eerie silence now resides here, with the blue-green waters Seaweed grows along it's outer walls, like ivy on a trellis. Obscuring it even further from the human eye.

Other ocean tides will never compare Tantalizing blend of fantasy and mystery Stone walls covered with precious gems ...Listen to Plato's voice... "Look close, look close, into the sea!" Through the light and Pillars of Hercules Some where out there buried in the vast Atlantis the Paradise