E-mails and blogs: In this unit we made blogs and talked about our selfs and what we lie to do and we also learned how to send e-mails to people.

Digital photography:In this unit we went outside and toke pictures and learned to upload them to the computer. We used cameras, we learned about copyright laws.

Video Production:We used iMovie and we made movies and movie trailers such as the golden state and my do nima. We also learned about the history of file and television broadcasting.

Keynote presentation:In this unit we did presentations and we used keynote. We also used iPhoto and learned how to put music and pictures

Sound engineering:In this unit we used audacity and we downloaded music. We got music from cc mixer we mad music mixes and learned about radio broadcasting. We made a DJ mix.

Photoshop: In this unit we used photoshop for various things. I photoshoped this picture to make it look like a bunny dog. I blinded the dogs face on to the bunny.

Desktop publishing/pages:In this unit we made our own business cards and flyers. We had to use C.R.A.P, different fonts. We learned the element of design, this was the unit where we mad e business documents.

Animation:We learned about the history of animation.We studied the 12 principles of animation. We created a stop motion animation Example penny bounce,then me and my partner made a car crashing in to a block

Fashion design:In this unit we made our own fashion collection.  This is one out of the three things i made in my collection. I made the leggings black a white shirt,and black shoes.

Game design-In this unit we made our own game on game mechanic. We played games on game mechanic. We also did research on a game of our chose.We also learned  about the elements of games.

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