Is there more to metamorphosis you can't learn from a fifth grade science teacher?

Q: How do complete and incomplete metamorphosis differ?

A: incomplete metamorphosis does not go through the pupa stage while a complete metamorphosis does.

Q: What insects go through complete and incomplete metamorphosis?

A: complete: lacewing,beetles,flies,fleas,wasps,bees,moths,butterflies,scorpionfly,and coddisfly. Incomplete: mayflies, dragonflies, and stoneflies.

Q: are there even more types of metamorphosis besides complete and incomplete?

A: yes there are two other types of metamorphosis they are- Without metamorphosis and Gradual metamorphosis.

Q: what insects have without and gradual metamorphosis?

A: gradual: grasshoppers, termites, book lice, thrips, true bugs, aphids, and earwigs.Without: silverfish, springtails, chewing lice, and sucking lice.

Q: does the color of the caterpillar determine the color of the butterfly?

A: yes but it is not direct for example - if it is a green caterpillar it does not mean it will be a green butterfly. But you can tell if a certain set of color will become a certain butterfly for example if the caterpillar is white with yellow and black stripes it will be come a monarch butterfly.


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