Got lucky... yet again!  

(should have posted two days earlier)

Find Friends App is amazing...

Dec 30 We visited Gardens by the bay along with Rams & Family... had a fun filled day. Rested a while at the bridge connecting MBS (at 6th floor). When we left to have dinner, I had missed my bag consisting predominantly my children clothes, some important id cards and my iphone (Location services turned off to save power yet drained after capturing my flashing smiles...)

We had a sumptuous dinner at Raj and left to home in Bedok as we were unloading(the time was 1 AM New year's eve), realized the bag was missing. I couldn't recall where exactly had I missed it. Seeing me cut a sorry face, Rams told '"come lets take a look at the places where we visited today" Remember, we were all tired after spending 12 hours out of home with 3 toddlers and 1 infant and he will have to drive another 15 Kms and roam with me for at least another hour and drive back 15 Kms without finding the bag?! And he just did that without a sigh...

Rams also suggested that I search my phone through find my iphone but I had forgot my appid password and I had very less hope as I had turned down the location services and the battery drained many hours earlier. So we returned home like a dead camel around 3Am. I couldn't simply sleep after the looks every married men gets when you lose her pashmina. So I reset my appid password and tried to find my iphone through the and turned on the lost mode... After two minutes of eerie silence my other phone rang saying my bag and all my things were safe under the custody of MBS - Casino securities!

How I collected them and how Jasmine helped in getting it charged are all for some other frivolous night. I am not here to wow 'find my iphone' worked even when location services were turned off. I am here to wow this special friend and all the other friends who were with me thick and thin. I am not here to brag my luck how I got things back, I am here to brag how lucky I am to get friends like this. I am known for screwing up things, the system, the people whom I love/respect or in total the very word life. That's how each of my friend in the FB or elsewhere will have a special story to share were they and only they would have helped me getting me out of a tough tide.

I owe it all to you guys....But for you, I would not be entering into with what I have and as what I am... Lets live it up....

Tackk it up!

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