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Hinduism began about 4000 years ago

This is Shiva, a god known as the destroyer.

India is where Hinduism started.

There is no for sure founder of Hinduism.

Hindus believe reincarnation, where someone dies and then comes back in a new body. Hindus believe all life is sacred, to be loved. Hindus believe in gods and goddesses. Hindus believe in the most ancient sculpture, The divinity of the four Vedas. They believe the world goes through endless creation.

Hindus have pictures of gods and goddesses in their temples. Hindu Darma accepts the existence of several Gods or deities.

This is a picture of people that believe in Hinduism. They live in India.

Vedas are Hindus sacred writings.

Hinduism symbol.

A mandir or temple are the places that the Hindu does their worship.

One of the main holidays in Hinduism is Holi.

This is krishna, a goddess that the Hindus worship.

Hinduism: They have a holiday called, Holi. Most Hindus live in India. They worship gods and goddesses such as Krishna,Saraswati, Brahman, etc. Bhagavad Gita is their bible. They believe in and use reincarnation. Reincarnation is where you die and then come back as someone else. They use idol worship. Aum is the best symbol of Hinduism, because they believe it was the first word of the Earth.

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