My 7th Grade Year

Laura Parsons

Top 10 Favorite Moments-(in no particular order)

1. Musical

The musical, as it always is, was really amazing. The show was a really fun, energetic show. We were using live music which added a new level of complication and enhanced it at the same time.

2. Cross Country

I had some of the best times while doing cross country. The whole team was incredible which made the season so fun and enjoyable.  

3. Football Games

Going to the football games with my friends was always crazy but we had such a good time. I miss going and I'll be excited next year when the football season starts and we can start going to the home games again.

4. Art Club

In art club we had the task of repainting Mrs. Seitz's chairs. Sarah, Bailey, Morgan and I worked together on one, but eventually Morgan dropped out. It took us forever and we struggled so much. We all hate the chair so much now since it took us the whole year to finish.

5. Dances(Semi-Formal)

The semi-formal is always really fun. I got ready with my friends and we all hung out at the dance. Although the thursday night's dance at camp was better than any other school dance I've been to in Middle School.

6. My Friend's Bar Mitzva

My friend from University School had his Bar Mitzva in early March. He was so excited to see us, and I had the best time hanging out with all my friends from other schools that I normally don't get to see.

7. Winter/Spring Break

Winter and Spring break, as usual, was awesome. There were holiday parties in the winter, and Spring was spent with friends. I really enjoyed the break from school.

8. Trip to Cedar Point

For my friend's birthday he took me, my sister, and my other friend to Cedar Point. We were there the whole day and it was one of the most fun times I've had at Cedar Point.

9. Russian Class

For some reason I can't exactly describe, I really love Russian class. I just really like the language and I think the alphabet is so cool. Also, is class is super small: 9 girls and only 1 boy.

10. Teachers vs. 8th Grade Basketball Teams

After our final day of park testing was over, the teachers faced the 8th grade basketball teams. It was really nice to be able to chill and hang out after a stressful week of testing. Plus it was entertaining seeing the teachers face their students.

The Musical

Cross Country

Football Games

Art Club

Top HELA Moments

Outsiders Day

Outsiders Day was in honor of reading the book The Outsiders. It was pretty cool seeing almost the whole 7th grade dressed as either a Soc or a Greaser. We went around and did different activities/competitive things in different classrooms. I'm not sure if we played Grudge Ball on Outsiders day, but it was probably one of my favorite games we played in class because it got so intense.

Photography Unit

This may have been the first unit we did in class. It was definitely our first IRP project. We had to take 10(?) pictures that were metaphorical or represented something from our book. I really enjoyed how creative we could be with the pictures and also the presentation of it. It was an all over really fun unit and creative project.

(some of my pictures below)

The Rusties Museum

This was a project we did after finishing the book The Uglies. It was  project because we had to build a museum featuring items from the Rusties. Some of us were builders(built the displays), artists(made the signs and background), and writers(wrote the blurbs about the objects). We basically got to chill out and make something really cool.

Outsiders Day

Chorus Funness

Here are two fun things you may be able to do when you're in 7th grade chorus that we did this year:

1. Holiday Caroling at a Nursing Home-

On some day before winter break, our 7th grade girls chorus traveled to a nursing home to sing our Holiday Concert songs. We gave them holiday cards we had made, and it was a really nice experience. After that we went for lunch at Panera.

2. Spring Break Breakfast

This was the last day before spring break, and everyone brought in food. There were pancakes, bacon, donuts, muffins, fruit, and pretty much any and everything else. There was so much food that we packed some of it up and gave it other classes. Oh, and while we ate, we watched a movie.


Camp was honestly amazing. The week started out a bit rough but by the end I was so sad to leave. We did lots of fun things, and everyone in out cabin was awesome. Our councilor, Chutz (really named Catherine), was absolutely the best, and I know everyone from our cabin misses her. Our week of camp was actually the coldest week ever, and I had brought barely anything warm. Needless to say, we all froze at night.

(Oh and when you're told the food is gourmet and like amazing, it's a lie. On the first day I was told three people threw up after meals)

Some of the Activities

-Camo Games
-Ultimate Frisby (our cabin won an award for this, yay!!)
-Arts and Crafts
-Smores and Hobo pies
-Ghost stories (Virgil)
-Rockwall Climbing + Ziplining
-Creek and Pond Study
-Nature Walk
-Scavenger Hunt

Here's a song from Thursday night's dance that kinda sums it all up...

Other Information That May or May Not Interest Whoever is Reading This

7th grade should generally be a good year for you.(I say you because I assume these are going to be shown to 6th graders, right?) It's not as hard as 6th grade, but you still have to work hard. Just uh, don't give up, and all that other generic quote stuff you can find on any poster hanging in the office of a guidance councilor. Here's a wonderful precept I wrote to inspire you:

You can do anything you set your mind to, unless, of course, it's one of those impossible things.

So that probably wasn't actually that inspiring or exciting. Well, anyway, enjoy 7th grade. Try new things, be a jolly nice person, work hard, have fun, etc. Good Luck!

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