The Korean War

May 1945

Korea is divided into two countries.

After World War II, Korea is divided into communist North Korea and anti-communist South Korea at a spot called the 38th parallel. Russia controls North Korea and the U.S. controls South Korea.

June 25, 1950

North Korea invades a South Korea

With the permission of Russia North Korea invades and continues to the capital of Seoul.

June 27, 1950

The U.S. joins the War against North Korea

Harry Truman sends U.S. troops to stop communist invasion.

October 20, 1950

U.S. troops reaches the capital of North Korea

They push their wat to Pongyong and believe that the war will be over soon.

July 27, 1953

North Korea and South Korea agree to a truce

They agree to a truce but the 38th parallel is still in place.