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We have four Kindergarten teachers; Ms. Boyd, Ms. Bailey, Mrs. Fowler, Mrs. O'Kafore. These are all great teachers, their students are happy in the classrooms and they have wonderful hands-on strategies to have the kids learn in different ways. This 6 weeks the students will be focusing in the solar system and planets. "We are so excited for this unit because the kids will be creating dioramas and their own built solar system." Ms. Boyd. Students will still be competing and earning dream team tickets! So make sure that your child brings the assigned homework packets and is on their best behavior; we will be watching... THE BIG WIN WILL BE COUNTED THIS FRIDAY!

Coming up!

The students will be sent home with styerofoam balls that they will need to paint as the 8 planets. Then they will need to connect them with tooth picks or wires. We ask that the parents help them with this assignment. The final product will be due 4-14-14

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