Moving home is not the same as moving office equipment or trade goods and we at XOOM Relocations; the most trusted removalists in Sydney and NSW understand it better than most.

XOOM Relocations, Sydney & NSW – Because we handle things differently: A home whether it be a small studio apartment or a large mansion has items in it that are precious beyond its intrinsic value to its owners. An old rickety chair worth nothing in a garage sale might be worth the entire world to the owner because the chair represents some precious memory. We dare not break it, nor do we dare break anything else – because household material represents purchases made through years of hard work and each item comes loaded with precious memories.

There’s love and often stories associated with each and every household item and we make absolutely sure that staff at Xoom Relocation a backloading and interstate removalists Sydney understands it well. This explains why our staff first eyeballs everything that needs to be moved and then bring in sufficient quantity of boxes to get the job done right.

We also offer Pre-Packaging and piano moving services in Sydney; each item is individually packed and packed in a manner that ensures it will not even be scratched much less broken during transit. For businesses; time, speed and safety are of the essence. For homes, it is safety that ranks higher than all else. When our staff arrives at the home to be moved, we often hear the ladies tell our staff, “Do it slowly and carefully” and our staff smile because they already know it and do just that. The vehicle driver too knows the cargo in the vehicle is absolutely precious beyond measure to its owner; so he drives carefully taking care to slow down as he approaches each bump in the road. He couldn’t be more careful then if he was carrying eggs!

But come to think of it, ‘with care’ has always been the way we handle all goods - after all; whether the owner is an individual and the goods are personal items or whether the owner is a businessman and the material we are moving are trade goods, they are precious to the owners.

We live in an age where cost matters – it makes no difference whether our client is a homeowner or businessman; they all will try to keep costs at a minimal. With this in mind, we invite our clients to avail of special discounts on Tuesdays. That’s right; we wave away our call-out fees on Tuesdays and if you combine that with our house and packing boxes Sydney than you not only get fabulous service but you get it at a price that will be pure music to your ears and we move and deliver right across the length and breadth of Australia.

Highlight XOOM Relocations a TRUSTED interstate removals Sydney in your contacts list and the next time you need to move anything from a couple of boxes to entire truckloads, call us. Check out our service for backloading removalists Sydney

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