Do you believe our world needs good people? The world is over runned with bad influences but there are few with good mind sets. The world needs good people because they have an affect on other peoples lives and they are great role models to others.   Good people have an affect on others peoples lives. For example, Nurses and Doctors do everything they possibly can to save other peoples lives. Not only do doctors and nurses make an impact on others lives but also  firefighters. The world needs good people to be good influences on others in time of need. They help others make the right choices through tough times,

Letter of recommendation

            to whom it may concern,

                   It gives me great pleasure to recommend Andrea Salas. I have known her for more than a year, and as long as I've known she has always put 110% into everything she does. The reason for this letter is to let you and everyone else known how great of a person she is. You can always count on her to help in the time of need. She is a great influence and role model to others around her.


Victoria Love-Appling


1876 Parkland Ln


My goal is to be a professional career in child care development

In elementary I attended Paso Del Norte and during those years I have won 1st place in the spelling bee, and won the science  fair. In middle school I also attended Paso del norte and accomplished winning 1st  in the district science fair and having straight A's. In high school I attended Pebble hills high school and accomplished perfect attendance, made the JV cheerleading team and participated in a dance recital.

I have some experience in babysitting and while doing so my responsibilities were to take care of 3 children, make them dinner and clean any messes they make.





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