Costal plains

By:Hannah and hope

The Coastal Plains has beautiful beaches and resorts. It is one of the best places to go in Georgia. It is the most fantastic region out of the five regions of Georgia, Blue ridge, Appalachian platue , Piedmont , and valley and ridge.The weather in the Coastal  plains is very mild it's not to hot but it not to cold, it's temperate.

This would be the best place to go for farming industry's. The farming of the Coastal Plains  includes the well known products peaches, cotton, onions, and peanuts. If you were a farmer this is the best place you would want to farm out of the five reigons of Georgia!

The Okefenokee Swamp is one of the physical features of the Coastal Plains. It is well known for its alligators and tourism. It  straddles the border of Georgia and Florida. it is 684 square  miles long. also it has over 1000 species of wildlife .    

The Savannah is the second physical feature in the Coastal Plains. It is the border line between South Carolina and Georgia. The length is 301 miles long. The mouth of the river is the Atlantic

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