Down syndrome disorder

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder that may occur when one of the individuals has another copy of chromosome 21. Each person with down syndrome has a different type of facial details, this is one of the symptoms of down syndrome. Even though that is one of the symptoms not every person with down syndrome has the same face, other people can have different degrees than others. Flattened facial features, smaller head, a short neck, protruding tongue, upward slanting eyes and poor muscle tone are some other symptoms of down syndrome. People get down syndrome when they have three copies of chromosome 21, that is called trisomy 21. Mainly in the UK down syndrome is mostly common. But, also in america a lot of babies or also born with down syndrome. That means that UK is not the only most common place where this genetic disorder is found. From the year 2009, the rate of down syndrome percentages showed a major increase of babies born with this disorder, the percent was at 9% and went up 22% making it 32% of babies born with down syndrome in the UK. In America, there is about 400,000 people born with down syndrome, also in America one out of every 691 babies are born with it. In the UK, one out of every 1,000 babies are with down syndrome, altogether the calculated number of people born with it is roughly 60,000 babies, that number is not just babies born with it, it is all people born with down syndrome. Doctor John Langdon was the person who had discovered the disorder down syndrome in the year 1959. I have chosen this disorder because i think it is fascinating to learn about the different features of a person, down syndrome is a popular disorder in many countries

example of what the a baby looks like with the disorder

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