VASS 2.0 User Manual

Only two things to manage - Salespeople and Customer Pages

There's only two items to manage, and both are very easy:
    - Salespeople
    - Customer Pages

You email address and password have been sent to you. You will need this to login to the VASS system.

                                 VASS Login Link:

After logging-in, you'll be presented with the VASS Home Screen.
There are four large buttons on the home screen that take you directly to the areas you can manage.

You'll want to begin using VASS by clicking the "SALESPEOPLE" button.
VASS may have pre-loaded your salespeople for you, but being familiar with this area is a good idea, since every customer page requires that a salesperson be associated with it.

What You Can Do with Salespeople:
You can add, edit, or delete salespeople as needed.
Each salesperson can have the following elements. (Items with an asterisk are required)

   - First and Last Name*
   - Photo*
   - Email Address*
   - Phone*
   - YouTube Video Greeting
   - Bio / Welcome Text

For dealerships that do not wish to give their salespeople direct contact with customers, feel free to use a company email address and company phone number vs. their personal phone number / email address.

Note: The Email Address is NOT displayed on the customer pages. This is to avoid spambots from picking them up. The Salesperson Email Address is used for:

   - Receiving contact form submissions
   - Sending customer page information and sharing links to, after each customer page is created

Accessing the Customer Pages List
Adding Customer Pages is VASS is all about. You can reach this area either by clicking the large "CUSTOMER PAGES" button on the home screen, or by clicking the "Customer Pages" link near the top of the page. When you do so, you will be presented with the Customer Page List - A list of all customer pages created in the VASS 2.0 system.

What you  things in this area:
   - Add a new customer page

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