Anorexia in Teens

What is anorexia? Anorexia is a psychological disorder characterized by a compulsive obsession with food or weight. The reason why teens tend to get this disorder is because they are concerned about their looks, they want to be accepted by others, and the fear of losing their childhood. There are many causes to this disorder for example their is proof that a child with family members that have gone through this disorder are more likely to get it then a child that hasn't had a parent or sibling going through this. The way the child is treated also plays a major part in this. If the child doesn't feel happy or wells that his or her family doesn't "love" him the tend to get the idea that they don't look well enough. Different signs of anorexia include losing hair,  in case of women not menstruating, exercising excessively, being nauseous or feelings bloated after small amounts of food, and weight loss of 15% or more of the ideal body weight. This disorder effects people in many ways, but the main way is that the person starts to lose weight so dramatically that they lose nutrients the body needs in order to stay strong and healthy. The body tends to become weak and that when the body can start to take in other disorders or illnesses. Anorexia can happen to anyone anywhere regardless to race, sex, or age. There are three types of treatments to this disorder which are biological, psychological, and social treatments. This disorders has a cause on society by making other people want to fit and not accept themselves for who they truly are.

When I see this picture it gives a sad message. There are people in the world that don't have the perfect skinny body anyone would want, but they feel good at themselves. They are happy the way they are. They know that, that isn't the thing the matters to them because they have been happy the way they are and people love them regardless. A person with this disorder see themselves as something that they are not. They tend to see themselves fat when they really aren't due to their mental illness. We all want the "perfect" body but we know that there really isn't one and we can accept ourselves for what we are. Society makes people think that they have to fit in with the rest.

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