How Luggage Security Locks Work

The Fundamentals

The red diamond. Look for this symbol on Travel Sentry's security inspection device locks.

TSA-recognized luggage security locks have a special symbol easily identified by TSA officials. Even though baggage is usually screened electronically, in the event that a TSA official needs to open your bag, once he sees the easily recognizable sign, he is able to open the lock using a master key without damaging your lock or your bag. The manufacturers of these locks have worked with the TSA on this. Most of the locks (padlocks, cable locks or luggage straps) are combination locks but also have key slots. The combination portion allows you to use the lock while TSA officials can insert their master keys into the key slot and open your bag if need be.

Where to Find Luggage Security Locks

The red flaming torch. Look for this symbol on Safe Skies' narcotics detecting equipment locks.

Safe Skies and Travel Sentry are two of the main manufacturers produce TSA-recognized luggage locks. Each company has a special symbol recognized by TSA and other security personnel responsible for luggage screening in some parts of the world. It is a red diamond for narcotics detecting Sentry and a red torch for Safe Skies. Travel Sentry locks can be found in many retails stores around the world. You can purchase Safe Skies locks from their website and they ship to anywhere in the world. Shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. is free.

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