Don't Look Backwards

Unless You're Reminiscing About Bands, Of Course

Okay so it would appear I’m returning to my original curating technique from when I first got into Spotify which basically seems to involve having a playlist file, wandering all over Spotify in a stream of consciousness vibe and chucking tracks in it as I go along while working on something else simultaneously, then rummaging through apps like We Are Hunted for the odd newbie. Then I call it a playlist. Sometimes I might do jazz hands when I finish, y'know, for effect. It feels gloriously pretentious even discussing having a curation technique particularly when it hasn’t felt like that lately. Before when I was doing Soopsworld properly, I trawled all over the place for new music – like it was some crazed hunt. That hunger seems to have gone for now, who knows if it’ll ever come back again. I even dare to fondle the past from time to time.

Alongside collecting tracks for Volume Nineteen for the past couple of weeks, I have been listening to Hundred Reasons a lot because I’ve been writing about them (or perhaps it’s the other way round, whatever) .There may have been kick jumps off the bed and miming along with a hairbrush at various points. What can I say, it’d be rude not to. The band have been touring in the past few weeks so have kept popping up on my social media landscape. I have ached with envy every time yet another friend has tweeted “F*CKING HUNDRED REASONS AT CORONET AAAAAAWESOME!!!!!” particularly because if I’d not been financially up the spout, I’d have had been able to see them at their second home (and mine many, many years ago), my beloved Exeter Cavern.  It’s strange, if my Spotify Social stream is anything to go by, there are all these friends that evidently were as fond of Hundred Reasons as much as we all were at the Cavern but by the time I’d become mates with them up in London, everyone had moved on and it just never got mentioned. If there was an Ideas Above Our Station karaoke (which yes, is a GENIUS idea) maybe we’d have realised just how many of us have known every single harmony to ‘Falter’ all these years. It's strangely comforting.

So yes, two thirds into Volume Nineteen, are a Hundred Reasons track and a Hell Is For Heroes track... just because I can. Enjoy, maybe jump off a piece of furniture or something. No idea who on earth Hundred Reasons are? You can start here.