Math Night 2014-2015

Websites, Apps and other helpful math technology.



Dreambox is an amazing tool to utilize for your students. It is paid for by the district and helps monitor your students progress exactly WHERE they are. For more details on dreambox, there is a class being taught on it this evening.

ABCya is a website that also can be differentiated determined on your students needs. It has a bunch of math games for different grade levels. You can move up to second or move down to kinder if you have trouble in one specific area of math.


FunBrain is really a Kinder/Pre-K website, however if your child is struggling in math it could be a good confidence boost. Using this website could also be a good way to check to see what concepts they are missing and help bridge the gaps.


HoodaMath is a great website for math games. You can sort by grade level, type of game, or even math skill.

This is exactly what it sounds like, learning games for kids! This is a screenshot of the 1st grade level. However, there are other grade levels on this website as well as other subjects.

A cool thing about this website is that it's not just math concept games, but also vocabulary games with math terms. It is categorized based on math subjects.

Turtle Diary

At Turtle Diary, the website has several grade levels this is just 1st grade math games. What's neat about turtle diary is that they have money games!


We all know Starfall for ELA, but did you know that they have some FREE challenging math games, too?



Pretty Pet Math

Students answer math problems to get their pets safely across the street.

My Backpack

This app extends to other subjects as well.

Build to 100

Helps with sequencing, ordering, skip counting and other number sense.


Addition and Subtraction edition

Thank You!

Thanks for attending our class, these are only a FEW websites and apps to help your students succeed in math. There are hundreds more so keep researching! If you know of an app or website that has helped your student or engaged your student please let me know so I can add it to the list!

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