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Social Media

There is a lot of debate about the use of social media in the classroom. I once heard Kevin Honeycutt argue the point that if you aren't telling your story, then the community is. Advertise what your students are accomplishing in the classroom. With that said, I have several posts on utilizing Instagram.

Big Universe

Big Universe has been changed quite a bit if you haven't noticed. I actually had the opportunity to chat with Anil (CEO of Big Universe) a couple weeks ago. Of course, I recorded the session as he gave me an overview. I also created a quick guide on how to assign books, add students, etc.


I've been working quite a bit lately with The first grade teachers at Rome City have been giving the students the opportunity to share thoughts about topics using Todaysmeet. This gives them an opportunity to collaborate and practice their digital citizenship skillls.


For those of you that prefer to receive my updates through social media, I have created a Facebook Page specifically dedicated to my blog posts and Instagram posts. It is just another social media outlet that I plan on providing information about in the future.

Integrated Conference

East Noble's Technology Conference (formerly known as KTT) is now "IntegratED" as we are combining our powers with MSD of Steuben County. Please consider pitching a presentation.

QR Codes

Students have been using QR codes since East Noble started with a 1:1 technology initiative. How many students have actually created their own? Students love it!


Need a really easy graph building tool for your students? Try this one. It works on all devices.

Apps to Try

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