Huck Finn by Mark Twain

Chapters 16-17

Will Huck give Jim up to ease his conscience?

Plot Development

Chapter 16: On the way to Cairo

Huck starts to question whether what he is doing is right or not

Huck meets two men looking for runaway slaves (Stands by Jim)

A steamboat runs over their raft and separates them

Chapter 17: Huck turns into George Jackson

The Grangerfords take him into their house

Huck describes their house and family

Talks about Emmeline and how she  "hung fire on a rhyme"(78)

Emmeline writing rhymes

Character Changes and Intros

Huck: Starts to wonder if freeing Jim is right. Sticks by him anyway. Becomes George Jackson. Begins living comfortably.

Jim: Excited to reach Cairo. Gets lost in Chapter XVI.

The Grangerfords: Nervous. Rachel, Saul, Buck(Huck's buddy). Religious. Emmeline was a poet and artist.


The tone of Chapter XVI is questioning. Is Huck doing the right thing?

The tone of Chapter XVII is informative and a little wistful. It sets the stage for the coming chapters as well as reminiscing about Emmeline.

Literary Devices

Irony: "When I waked up in the morning, drat it all, I had forgot what my name was. So I laid there about an hour trying to think, and when Buck waked up, I says... 'I bet you can't spell my name'." Pg. 75  He forgot his name so he got someone else to remember it for him.

Foreshadowing: "So I reckoned I wouldn't bother no more about it but after this always do whichever come handiest at the time." Pg. 69  This might tell of a time he may decide to give Jim up.

Satire: Emmeline's Poetry

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