Guyana, known as the land of many waters, is a small county in South America. Guyana was once ruled by the Deutsche and the British, but is now an independent country. Some of it's main exports are bauxite, sugar, rice, timber, and textiles. Guyana is a male dominant country, most of the male's do the work outdoors. Guyana has a tropical climate and rolling highlands. Guyana's capitol city, Georgetown, is located on Guyana's Coast. Guyanese food is very different from ours, their food mostly consists of beef, rice, and vegetables.

                                                                    Guyana's Flag

                                                              Guyana's Coat of Arms

Guyana's Capitol City: Georgetown

Georgetown is located on the coast of Guyana, next to the Atlantic Ocean. One of Georgetown's most iconic buildings is the Stabroek Market.

                                                               Staborek Market


Guyana's terrain is mainly made up of rolling highlands, but there are also low coastal planes. There is also a savanna in the south.


Guyana is a rather small country in South America. Guyana was once originally a Dutch colony in the 17th century. But by 1815, Guyana was in British Possession now has democracy, the current president, Donald Ramotar, was elected in 2011.

Guyana's National Anthem

Main Exports/Natural Reacources

Guyana's main exports are : bauxite, sugar, rice, mining, timber, textiles, and gold.

Map of Guyana


Guyana has a tropical climate, and is very humid. It normally has 2 rainy seasons, from May to August and from November to January.

Fun Facts About Guyana

Did you know that Cricket is the major sport of Guyana?Did you know that Arthur Chung was Guyana's first president?Did you know the actual name of Guyana's flag is The Golden Arrow Head?Did you know that Guyana is roughly the size of Idaho?Did you know that the total area of Guyana is 214,970 km squared?

Guyana's President: Donald Ramotar

Donald Rabindranauth Ramotar is a Guyanese politician who has been President of Guyana since December 2011. He has been the General Secretary of the People's Progressive Party since 1997.

                                                Current President: Donald Ramotar

More Facts About Guyana

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