Introduction to mythology

By Riley Tyszkiewicz

Hephaestus was one of the 12 Olympians.  He was the god of fire and crafting and together, blacksmithing.  He was born weak and his mom, Hera, threw him off of mount Olympia.  Then, he was rescued from the ocean by Nymphs who brought him to Lemnos where he built his palace.  To get revenge for throwing him off the mountain, he trapped Hera in a magical thrown.  After he was given Aphrodite as his wife, he let his mom go.  Then he build palaces for the other gods on to of Mount Olympus.  Because he was thrown off a mountain, he had to walk with a limp for the rest of his life.

Taraxippus was a mythical creature that was a ghost.   They were accused of scaring horses during horse races.  It was thought that they might be minor horses getting revenge on the better horses.  Sometimes they connected these creatures to Posieden, the god of horses.  The terror at Mount Olympus was also expected to be a Taraxipppus.  Sometimes, horses were given good luck charms to keep them away.     

Maud and the Dragon

There was a girl names Maud out in the woods  and saw a baby dragon.  She took it home but heard her parents plan to kill it.  She made it a nest in the woods and visited it every day.  As it became bigger and bigger, it became dangerous.  People tried to kill it but couldn't.  One day there was a criminal that was going to die as punishment but he said that he would try to kill the dragon.  He killed the dragon but as it was dying it breathed a toxic breath and killed him.  Maud came and saw him dead and cried.  It was believed that in that very spot no grass ever grew again.  

Nike shoes were named after the goddess Nike because she is the god of victory.  Nike shoes are usually athletic shoes and they will hopefully help you win, or at least that is what Nike is saying.

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