Adolf Hitler

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry 8th grade Language Arts class made by Claire H.

Adolf Hitler was born April 20th 1889 and died April 30th 1945.

Hitlers Childhood

Growing up, Hitler was very lazy in school. He knew how to do everything, he just didn't care. Although while in class he had an obsession with power and being a leader . There was also trouble at home. His father Alois Hitler, abused him, his mother , his brother Alois Jr. ,  his sister Angelina,  his brother Otto,  his sister Ida,  and his brother Edmund .  Through his troubling times, Adolf loved to draw.  That became his goal in life, to become an artist.

Young Adolf

People who influenced his life:

Hitlers father was a very big impact on his life,because he was a government official.

His mother Klara, encouraged him to become a painter and go to the gymnasium, or secondary school, that focused on art.

His best friend August Kubizek, or as Adolf called him Gustl. Gstl worked for Adolf's father, but his dream was to be a musician. Similar to Adolf's dream of becoming an artist.  

Unique facts:

Hitlers first love was a Jewish girl. Lacking courage, he never spoke to her.

In 1939, Hitler was nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

Hitler planned to collect thousands of Jewish artifacts and build a "Meuseam of an extinct Race.' after the war.

During WW 1, a British solider spared the life of a young German solider, Adolf Hitler.


Dictator of Germany

Got time magazines Man of the year in 1938.

Supreme commander of the armed forces in Germany.

Started WW 2

The Theme of Adolf's Life:

Adolf Hitler's story told me. No matter how hard times have gotten, you can keep trying to make it better. Even if things get worse and worse, never give up.  

Advice Hitler Would Give:

Today, if Hitler was around, Hitler would've talked about, blaming people for your problems won't solve them.  No matter how much trouble you're in, never blame people for your problems, war's could break out, and millions for innocent people might parish.  All because you can't admit that you screwed up!  

If I could look back, Hitler never had a big influence on my life. Thank goodness, none of us have ever lived to see his evil rain on.  I hope more people will study this piece of history and never repeat it.


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