Jane Goodall


Jane Goodall is a behaviorist who studied Chimpanzee behavior around 50 years ago. She was born in London, England in 1934. Goodall was the daughter of a business man and a novelist. As a young child, Jane was given a stuffed chimpanzee toy that started her love for animals. Jane received her school certificate in 1950 and received a higher certificate in 1952. In July 1960, Jane went to Africa to study chimpanzees. She was accompanied by her mother and an African cook. They set up camp along the Kakombe Stream Valley where non-threatening observations were made. With time, the chimpanzee accepted her. Within a 2 year period, they showed no fear towards her and often came to her in search of bananas.

Goodall has received numerous honors and awards for various resons. Jane has received the Gold Medal of Conservation from the San Diego Zoological Society in 1974, the J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation Prize in 1984, the Schweitzer Medal of the Animal Welfare Institute in 1987, the National Geographic Society Centennial Award in 1988, and the Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences in 1990. In 2002, Jane was named the messenger of peace by the united nations and in 2003 was named a Dame of the British by Queen Elizabeth II.

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