"I Was Made For Rest, In A World That's Striving"

The LORD has convicted me of something lately, and it has been crushing. As a shepherd/worship leader, my fleshly longing is to be thought of as great, and to be viewed as a Godly man. Much of my days and nights are spent unknowingly trying to cultivate a "holy" image. Please understand that this is a confession, and that I am being honest and vulnerable.

This week I had the privilege of participating in the Austin Stone Worship Conference 2013. One of my expectations for the weekend was to hear from the LORD regarding my own soul. During a moment of Selah (Which I wrote about last weekend), I asked the LORD to speak. To keep my conversation with the LORD at least somewhat personal, I will spare the details and tell you the main idea. The LORD spoke to me, telling me that I had spent too much time trying to cultivate the image of a perfect christian, and lost sight of only pursuing Jesus. I was crushed, yet so refreshed that the LORD would be so kind as to convict me of this.

One of my favorite worship leaders, Christy Nockels, has a track on her latest album entitled "Into the Glorious" that I have resonated with. And conveniently it's the title track! The song "Into the Glorious" is about knowing that the LORD has called you into something greater, and that He demands surrender. There is a powerful line that reminds us of our calling, "I was made for rest, in a world that's striving". Now don't be mistaken, this song is not about doing nothing, it's about resting in the one who can do immeasurably more than we could ever hope or ask!

As you go about your day today and tomorrow, remember that we must pursue JESUS. You can't bear the fruit without being planted in the tree. Here are some practical steps to pursue Jesus.

Pray- Say these words "Jesus, I want to pursue You, I want to know You, You are enough". The very confession of those words opens your heart to what the LORD might say to you

Sing- Choose songs to sing that bring life, not death. Choose songs that are about the person-work of Jesus, not just flippant praise songs. Everything is about Jesus and the Gospel

Read- Read the Gospels. Remember, if everything is about Jesus, then why wouldn't we read what HE has to say.

I hope and pray that this post has brought you closer to the LORD, and set your eyes back upon Jesus if they had ever strayed

Soli Deo Gloria