Susan Eloise Hinton

Writer of "The Outsiders"

She was born on the 22nd of July 1950 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since she was a little girl reading and writing became her pastimes. She was tired of the typical "girl meets boy" stories and wanted something more realistic. So taking inspiration from real life, she created a story of two gangs and their rivalry. This novel was called ‘The Outsiders’ and was published in 1967. Although it was criticized for showing a rebellious youth it became very succesful.  She got married with David Inhofe in 1970 and had a kid named Nicholas in 1983. She went on writing during some years and in 1979 she wrote ‘Tex’, a story which grabbed the reader's attention. Many of her books were adapted into films. We don't know much about her personal life because she has always been reserved but we know she is still writing and lives with her husband in Tulsa.

The Outsiders

They were just some friends growing up in the rough side of town that never imagined what would happen to them. They were in different gangs that had a strong rivalry between them which led one of them to death.

One night, one of the gangs set fire a building to harm the other group but accidentally one of them got injured and was put in hospital. Although he survived, it took him months to get recovered. Their joke had gone too far and there was no returning from what they have done. When the other gang found out what the others were trying to do they confronted them and started a fight that caused one of them's death. The pain they felt joined them and they all became friends at the end but never stopped regretting the death of one of his closest friends.

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