My Food Chain by William Steele

All food Chains start with the Sun. The sun provides Energy to the producers, Witch in my Food Chain is grass. The grass gets all the suns energy. And then the energy from the grass goes to the Grasshopper as the Grasshopper eats the grass, the Grasshopper is a herbivore. Then the Grasshoppers energy goes to the Mice because the Mice will eat the Grasshoppers.The mouse is a Omnivore. And  then the Mice gives energy to the Snake because the Snake will eat the Mice. The snake is a Carnivore. Then the Eagle will eat the Snake so the snake gives energy to the  snake. The snake is  carnivore. And then the Eagle will give energy to the mushroom, because the Eagle will die and in my Food chain the mushroom is my decomposer and then the life cycle will start all over again.