A Puerto Rican Christmas

Christmas Traditons

  • Christmas's in Puerto Rico start at the beginning of December and last all month!
  • Christmas songs are called "aguinaldos".
  • Parties last until morning including firecrackers.
  • For good luck some traditions include eating a grape for every chime of the clock.
  • Cars are honked at 12 o'clock on new years.

Differences between  the two !!

In North America Santa brings presents whereas to party in Puerto Rico they stay up late to celebrate the holiday. In the USA they make Christmas cookies for Santa. In Puerto Rico, they extend the Christmas from mid November to mid January. In the USA Christmas is celebrated in the month of December. There are 12 days leading up to Christmas, which are very popular. There are the 12 days of Christmas. It is said the Christmas in Puerto Rico is a bigger deal than anywhere else. Christmas in both countries are still centered around religious beliefs. Both countries have feasts with families either on Christmas eve, or Christmas day.



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