Learn How to Braids, Cornrows and do Sew-ins

Make extra money on the side with our courses

New Skills = Extra Money

In less than a week and enough practice you could be making $200 -$1000 a week!  Women will get their hair done regardless of the economy or financial needs of the household. THAT'S A FACT! With these new skills, you could become a traveling stylist or have customers come to you. Either way you WILL be making extra money.

Offering a 3 Day courses $200 (1st 3 people to register pay $150)1 Day cornrow and braid course $69

In 3 days get hands-on training on how :

To cornrow with or without attachment (adding hair)

To do sew-ins

Single braids with attachment

How to make wigs using a weave

How seal a weft before sewing it in.

How to sew-in closures and get it to match client's scalp

How to turn a full lace wig into a glue less lace wig

Things to expect

We will provide all learning material for classroom instruction. This includes:

  • Needles, thread, mannequin head
  • Writing material and instructional work sheet
  • Synthetic hair for braiding
  • Wig caps, sealing glue, closures
    Classes are held on March

Call: 404-518-8471Email: DaGashihair@gmail.com

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