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The On-Level Curriculum Overview is scheduled for Tuesday, January 6th from 4:30-6:30 at Houston Professional Development Center.  Because of the positive feedback we received after our last overview, we have decided to use the same structure this time! Each campus has been assigned to prepare one Performance Assessment or specific SE to be presented to their grade level teams. In order for overviews to be successful, we need at least one person from each grade level at each campus in attendance for the full duration of the overview. This is your time and we want it to be beneficial for you and your team.

Each campus will have eight to ten minutes to share. A few recommendations about what to cover are provided below.

1. Brief summary of the unpacked PA

2. Pacing suggestions (How long will instruction and assessment for the PA take?)

3. Suggested question stems (Use released STAAR as a guide and/or Kilgo question stems to demonstrate how to begin instruction with the end in mind and review how concepts are assessed.)

4. Overview of the SEs' specificity

Other suggestions:

  • Model a specific strategy
  • Recommend texts
  • Suggest SEs that could be pulled in and reviewed

The PAs are divided as follows.  Please make sure you are signed up on Eduphoria.

Please note, deconstructing PAs in your PLCs as grade level teams is still highly essential to effective instruction and student success. This overview structure should in no way replace the valuable, collegial conversations that take place during that time.

See you at the Overview!

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